Saturday, June 16, 2012


I love shoes.They are my favorite accessory.I am a serious shoeholic.Today I am gonna some of my favorite shoes from my shoe collection.Most of the shoes are from Walmart,and some are from Dubai,Payless ,Aldo.But these are my favorite shoes which I wear with Jeans,skirts,dresses,I'll post pix of my shoes which I wear with Indian Outfits.
I bought these zebra prints from Wal-Mart.I really like heels of these shoes,its so unique .Then these dark red maroon girls,super cute and very feminine.It has a super cute bow at ém.
For women ,shoes are the most important thing.Good shoes take you good places.

 Keep your heels,head and standards high.

leopard prints.

 All the above were from Walmart.they all were under 35 dollars.Super affordable,comfortable and stylish.They are either george or g21

Bought these ones are from payless.I love these polka dots peep toes but they are very almost gets impossible to walk in them more than 5 minutes.The bottom one are from American Eagle.They costed me like $39.99.They are cute but both of them are very uncomfortable,but I like them.

The green ones and the silver ones,I got em from Sharjah(U.A.E.),wedges are from Aldo,Dubai and these purple ones are from Carrefour(i hope I have spelt it right)Deira City Centre.Sorry,girls I dont remember the price of these ones.

These are from India.Dont remember price or details,but they are cute bright flashy red.

So these were my favorite shoes from my closet.And in the last I would only say that
Before you criticize someone,you should walk a mile in their shoes.That way,when you criticize them,you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

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