Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kangaroo Keeper (Purse Organizer)

 I love shoes and handbags,like all the girls,ladies.They are my favorite accessories.They can change the whole outlook of your outfit.I wear different shoes everyday and change handbags every week or every 2 weeks.As much as I would like to change it everyday the time wastage in changing handbags stop me from it.So I found a solution Kangaroo Keeper.
I bought it from for CAD14.99 .(it was on sale).It came in 2 colours black and tan,2 big and 2 small organizers and 2 purse holders.
it comes in set of 6.2 big and 2 small in black and tan and 2 purse holders.

I am using this guess bag these days

This is how it looks from inside,very messy

and I dont find stuff in it when i really need it.

and now i have emptied my purse

here comes my savior

my playbook,wallet,diary,my phone they all have their spots.

my camera,iphone,hand sanitizer,headphones can be found when needed

my kets and pens are right there.

it is ready to go in my handbag.


There it goes

and now i have changed my handbag in seconds

Overall I am pretty satisfied with this product.You can change ur handbag in minutes if not seconds.but like everything it has some cons too...

fits in most handbags
comes in 2 colours and 2 sizes
time saver
tons of pockets
durable and washable material

Cons:-although the material is durable ,its cheap looking too
some pockets are too small,u can't fit anything but pens,sunglasses or lipsticks.

I have been using KANGAROO KEEPER since i got it in mail and so far i like it.

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