Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I am obsessed with mascaras.I have to have all the drugstore mascaras esp Covergirl,Maybelline and L'oreal.So this is not really a new product,but its a new addition in my collection and this is the newest mascara from L'oreal.So first things first,I LOOOOVE THE PACKAGING of this mascara.I have it in colour 374 blackest black.It costs around $9-$10 at walmart or Target.So as you can see in the pictures that it has a very unique flexible wand .

So the formula is neither super wet nor dry,its very creamy.It claims to be  clump free,flake free smudge free.And yes I am using this mascara from past 3-4 weeks.It last whole (8-9 hrs) day without any flaking or smudging.
Without any mascara

With 1 coat on upper lash

with 2 coats on upper lash and one coat on lower lash

 3 coats on upper lash and 1 on lower lash.

3 coats on left eye and nothing on right eye

I really like this mascara esp.on my lower lashes,it lengthens the lashes and adds volume .It is very easy to build-up.The best part about it is it is super easy to take off.I soak my eyes in warm to cold water for 5-6 seconds ,repeat it a couple of times and it comes off right away.Another great mascara from L'oreal.

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