Friday, June 20, 2014


Your wallet is gonna love you for this purchase and your lips are gonna thank you for these tiny mini lip glosses.Essence is a great  affordable brand.I have only seen Essence products at shoppers Drug mart or you can order them online at price range starts anywhere from 99 cents to $5.They basically have everything for eyes,face,lips and nails.

So I was so gravitated towards the packaging of these glosses that I had to buy them.The set that I have is called SAN FRANCISCO (glamorous tonight).The lipglosses don"t have any individual names.There are 3 mini lip glosses in there.a clear gloss,a light pink and the third one is a shimmery pinkish peach.

You can put these  glosses as is or on a matte lipstick or on any regular lipstick.They don't claim to be long lasting and they are not.They smell like bubblegum or candy, but its not super strong.After few minutes you won't smell anything.

Pros:-Very Affordable,Super cute packaging,Easy to carry.
Qty:-2ml each(2ml X 3)

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