Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What is in my make-up bag(summer edition)

           Summer Essentials in my Make-up bag

Hi dolls!
 So here are some of my must haves for my summer make-up bag.Usually I carry a lot of stuff in my make-up bag,but these are my everyday essentials.
 First my make-up bag.Its a simple pink gliterry bag .I got it from Dubai.I like it esp. for the summer.

1)Hand Sanitizer:-This is a must must in my make-up bag and purse.Before I put anything on my face I really really want my hands are super clean.It costs around $1.

2)Hand cream:-My hands are as dry as crocodile skin.I have to have  a nice hand cream with me all the time and I have to apply it religiously.And this stuff works ammmmazing.Costs around $3

3)Perfume:-I love to smell good and keep my nose happy.I have to have a travel size perfume or deo in my bag.This is a celine dion fragrance.I got it in a gift box,where there were 3 travel size perfumes ,costs $20.

4)Sunscreen:-Literally HAWAIIAN TROPIC SILK HYDRATION is the best sunscreen I have ever ever used.The best thing about this is it doesn't feel like sunscreen.It smells so good,feels so good.Costs $3 for a travel size(59ml)

5)Oil Absorbing Sheets:-I am a huge fan of Clean & Clear Oil absorbing Sheets.I just got Equate oil absorbing sheets from wal-mart as the clean and clear were sold out.These sheets work as good as the Clean & Clear one.Love them ,they wont ruin your make-up.They costs around $5.

6)Lippies:-Just any lip-gloss,lip stain or lipstick.I have one from Revlon just bitten kissable lipstain ($9)Maybelline shinesensational lipgloss ($5-6).i always keep some lip butter,and this one is from nivea lip butter raspberry rose($2).

7)Random:-Other random things are some hair ties,a mirror and a comb.

Alright dolls,see you guys in next blog.Keep Smiling :-)

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